Holy Crepe!

Art Direction / Branding / Communications / Creative Direction / Design / Illustration

Role: Creative Direction, Design and Illustration
Date: 2012

This food vendor needed a face to offer a innovative alternative to eat for VFS students and people nearby. This food truck offers crepes on a stick, this concept will allow the user to have different choice for the fill-ins, they can be salty or sweat, depending on your mood.

This innovative food choice needed a way to reflect the personality of this flavorful experience. The process of creating this brand started with research of the main competitors on the area, after this I had to pitch a special food to create great impact in this zone in the city. The choice of crepes was taken because of the french culture on Canada, offering something “fancy” but into a more fast food idea. The approach for this brand was a cult of personality, something that could get out from the city cluttered scene, and that could stick on everybody’s mind for a while.